Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The big A

I just read a blog about fetal pain and a woman who was denied an abortion when her water broke at 22 weeks, and the baby suffered for it longer than she should have.

I then went on to educate myself more about abortion.  I had been living in a bubble knowing what it was and yet denying myself from actually thinking about it.  I am pro choice and I will stay that way.  But after reading and seeing it, I could never do that to my baby.  Even the thought of a miscarriage freaks me out.  Abortion is a terrible thing, and the images I saw will be with me forever. 

I wish I hadn't gotten curious and let my fingers wander where they would.  I just, yeah, I feel sick. 

However, I do remain pro choice, women need the ability to choose, and they need to have a safe place to go through this life changing ordeal.  If you make it illegal you will be forcing these women into unsafe and dangerous territory.  The abortions will still happen, but women will die.  And any woman who is able to do this over and over without remorse, or even one time without remorse, there is something wrong with you.  Seriously.  Get help, or get your uterus removed.

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