Friday, March 4, 2011

On the road to the perfect diaper and other random crap

I have completely and irrevocably fallen in love with cloth diapering.  They are cute and the minky, oh the minky.  I want minky underwear, or pants, or bra.  I don't really care what it is but the minky is to die for. 

Getting back on track, I love how you can customize cloth diapers.  It is another way to treat your little smooshy baby like the mini barbie doll they are.  Because you aren't going with their likes and dislikes, you are going with yours and living vicariously through them.  For instance, I love stuffed animals, however I have reached an age where it isn't really acceptable to cuddle them and collect them any more.  Well, unless I want to be the crazy cat lady. So, I buy stuffed animals and claim I am getting them for the kids.

Jimmy, he's a meh kind of guy.  He went along with my whims to try cloth diapers, and he's cool with it.  I really wanted him to just love it, but being meh, I had to think of something awesomely brutal to wow him with.

Enter the Metalocalypse Diaper.  I looked for someone on Cafemom, in the Cuties with Cloth Booties group for someone to make me one.  Pff that was a fail.  I had given up hope when I stumbled across an ad on Craigslist for a woman who lives rather close to me who makes and sells these wonderful diapers.  I saw that she had WOW, Pirates, Owls, Butterflies, and all other kinds of embroidered diapers.  I thought could this be it?  I hit her up on FB and she was all for it.

I was SO excited!!!!  She was super helpful, and talked to me the whole way through.  There were tons of choices, which I hate making.  But she made it super easy.  And her name?  oh my gosh, I love it.  Velvet Rabbit Cloth and Ooberz diapers!  So cool, the Velveteen Rabbit was my fave story growing up.

So together, we came up with this.

Jimmy loved it, that's his leg in the image.  He is a huge Metalocalypse fan.  And he has gotten me hooked on it as well.

There will be others I want, I have thought about making my own, but I am going to definitely have her make me more.  I was thinking a Davis Pirates one, orange and black baby!

We shall see what the future holds. . . .

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  1. That diaper is epic! I want to cloth diaper my next. Woot woot for having menfolk that agree to such things!