Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 1 of the Cloth Diaper Adventure

Well.  It went pretty well.  I only have 3 right now but it works out pretty well.  I have used each one twice so far.  I have encountered 2 poopies, 1 of the clay variety and the other is of the wet kind.  Interesting.

See, I thought that CDing would be hard, a pain in the butt and super gross.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I only bought 3 because I wanted to try it and see how I liked it.   And that's all I could afford.  They are super cute, and I love them.  However there are a couple of cons.

1.  They are really bulky, it makes his but look super huge, but this could just be the style of diaper I am using.

2.  I don't have enough of them!

Other than that I am super happy.  They are easy to change, and hold moisture really well.  Well, when I put them together anyway.  Jimmy, bless his heart, put them together wrong so we had some leakage last night, but so far today its good!  They really catch all the urine and the poo.  It's pretty amazing really.  And the best part?  No rubber pants or pins!  Really they are just like disposables just a little bulkier.  Easy on easy off!

The poo.  I was so dreading this part.  Jimmy changed the first one and he wanted to leave it for me.  I said "No way, you change it you clean it.  You have to be OK with doing this too because I am not changing all those diapers and cleaning them too."

So he did it.  He did have some minor complications, that didn't have anything to do with the diapers.  But he said it came right off and cleaned really easy!  When it was my turn, ( I got the wet poo lucky me), I handled it like a pro! Tthere wasn't even much of an odor, no more so than there would be with a disposable.  I didn't have to touch the poo it just came right off under the faucet and down the drain it went!  I am going to get a piece of hose to attach to the utility sink in the garage so that I can clean em up and toss em in.

I like them, and yes, I would recommend them.  Not to save money because they don't save a whole lot, but just because they are cute, easy, affordable, and they keep your baby and the environment clean.  No I am not a tree hugger, but disposable diapers?  Those last forever.


  1. Damn it. Now I have to try them. :\
    They're really as quick and easy as disposables?

  2. Yes! They are just as quick and easy, even stuffing them is really fast. I only have Kawaii type right now. I used a couple different people but I like the ones I got from Just Simply Baby the best, just because of the pocket. I plan on getting a couple other brands. If you want to support mamas theres a ton of WAHMs but they are spendy usually 15 to 20 a diaper. But it is worth it. The only complaint I have from Just Simply Baby is that it took so long to get them, but she was really nice and offered me an extra diaper.

  3. Hmmmmm, I can't believe I'm saying this.

    I'm looking for a starter kit now. *sigh* I CAN'T GET MUCH CRUNCHIER! Soon, I'll stop bathing and smoking weed and become a REAL hippie.

  4. LOL Your funny, I like them , I wish I would've done this sooner.